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Hydromax Xtreme X50 - Clear

The X50 Xtreme takes your hydrotherapy workout to a whole new level. It's Bathmate's most powerful pump to date with the same unique globally patented design, and comes with many additions. A handball pump is included that works in water for a more extreme pumping sensation, maximum gains and the benefit of absolute comfort and control. If you're serious about penis enlargement then the new Hydromax X50 Xtreme is for you.

The set includes a carry case, a measuring gauge, a cleaning sponge, the Hydromax Extreme, a hand ball pump, a comfort insert pad, a hose attachment, pump lube, a security lock, a shower strap and a wash towel.

This pump is suitable for men with a penis length of more than 23 cm (in erection).

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Size No
Colour Transparent
Length 35.00
Diameter 0.00
Vibration No
Brand Bathmate


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